Tellef Raabe going international and MODI records our first album! – 02.Dec.2015

Great news! Tellef Raabe just announced that we'll be playing in the UK in January!
So do show up if your in London around the 26.01. We are also doing shows in Trondheim during Trondheim Calling and in Switzerland at St.Gallen Open Air in February. After that I'm hoping to get a week in lovely Luzern to meet friends from my exchange year.

MODI haven't been on the lazy side either. This weekend we recorded our first album. It sounds great even before the whole mixing procedure. We hope to release it sometime during 2016. Meanwhile have a look at this clip from NRK Telemark.

You'll have to excuse the english but I'm feeling very international and pretentious today.

Yours sincerely,