2019 let's go! – 04.Feb.2019

I always start the next year with the goal to be a slightly better human being than I was last year, tough I rarely succeed. January has been slow (as always) but I had a lovely week in Bergen working on the live-versions of Sig's new songs. Those will be out once the album launch, and they are amazing!

The last week has been spent gaming World of Warcraft to make sure my priest has a decent high-score for the next season. https://raider.io/characters/eu/kazzak/Ugotpwnd
Hit me up if you have decent score and want to game!

On Wednesday I'm going to Holland to do some promo with Sig, Kristina, Nick (our tour-manager, read professional babysitter) and JT (our faithful sound-engineer). After that the band is joining us in Cologne for a TV performance. Then we're off to sweet ol' California! While in LA we'll do a private show before we fly to New York to do our biggest US-show to date at Brooklyn Steel.

Looking forward to some sun and the new Prophet-6 synth-module I just ordered...

PS: We did some stuff for VEVO before Xmas
Trio version of Sig's last single Don't Feel Like Crying can be found here and if you want to hear me talk about how arranging a song for live is like peeling an onion (...) you can do that here.

PS2: I also updated the calendar with upcoming gigs. 2 exciting tours supporting George Ezra and Maroon 5 coming up this spring!