Fears, Cappuccino & tour prep – 18.Oct.2018

Natalie Sandtorv finally released an acoustic version of her song "Fears" which we recorded in February. Her singing is absolutely beautiful!
I'm trying some singing too. Link here.

I got asked to do some synth on bergen based group Bart Clavier's new album and they released it's first single "Cappuccino" 4th of October. Listen to it here!
Really nice gang and a great hang in Duper Studio with producer Jørgen Træen.

Last weekend Sigrid played a TV-show in the UK called later with Jools. Jools Holland is something of a legend over there and it was really fun. Not a boring talk-show but 4 different bands playing live in the studio! BBC was nice enough to put out Suckerpunch and Strangers on Youtube.

This week I'm hanging out in my studio in Copenhagen working on stuff for Sigrid's upcoming tour of Europe in November. Playing in Birmingham, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam!